Phagocytosis process

«In cell biology, phagocytosis (from Ancient Greek φαγεῖν(phagein), meaning 'to devour', κύτος, (kytos), meaning 'cell', and -osis, meaning 'process') is the process by which a cell - often a phagocyte or a protist - engulfs a solid particle to form an internal compartment known as a phagosome. It is distinct from other forms of endocytosis, like pinocytosis, that involve the internalization of extracellular liquids. Phagocytosis is involved in the acquisition of nutrients for some cell. The process is homologous to eating at the level of single-cell organisms; in multicellular animals, the process has been adapted to eliminate debris and pathogens, as opposed to taking in fuel for cellular processes, except in the case of the animal Trichoplax.

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