Spermatogenesis process

«Spermatogenesis is the process by which haploidspermatozoa develop from germ cell in the seminiferous tubules of the testis. This process starts with the mitotic division of the stem cell located close to the basement membrane of the tubules. These cell are called spermatogonial stem cell. The mitotic division of these produces two types of cell. Type A cell replenish the stem cell, and type B cell differentiate into spermatocytes. The primary spermatocyte divides meiotically (Meiosis I) into two secondary spermatocytes; each secondary spermatocyte divides into two equal haploid spermatids by Meiosis II. The spermatids are transformed into spermatozoa(sperm) by the process of spermiogenesis. These develop into mature spermatozoa, also known as sperm cell.[1] Thus, the primary spermatocyte gives rise to two cell, the secondary spermatocytes, and the two secondary spermatocytes by their subdivision produce four spermatozoa and four haploid cell.[2]

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