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«Personal defense weapons (PDWs) are a class of compact, selective fire, magazine-fed, submachine gun-like firearms. Most PDW fire a small-caliber (less than 6 millimetres or 0.24 inches), high-velocity centerfire bottleneck cartridge resembling a scaled-down intermediaterifle cartridge, essentially making them an "in-between" hybrid between a submachine gun and a carbine. The use of these rifle-like cartridges gives the PDW much better ballistic performance (effective range, accuracy and armor-penetrating capability) than conventional submachine guns, which fire larger-caliber but slower and less aerodynamic handgun cartridges. The low recoil of these "sub-intermediate" cartridges also makes muzzle rise on PDW (which typically have short gun barrels) much easier to handle than short-barreled rifles, especially when shooting full-auto or in burst fires.» (wikipedia)

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Textual paths of Biolinks with Validity Score > 3.0
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Visualisation of logical biolinks between drugs, supplements, symptoms etc..
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