«Luteolin is a flavone, a type of flavonoid, with a yellow crystalline appearance.[1]

Luteolin is the principal yellow dye compound that is obtained from the plant Reseda luteola, which has been used as a source of the dye since at least the first millennium B.C. Luteolin was first isolated in pure form, and name, in 1829 by the French chemist Michel Eugène Chevreul.[2][3][4] Luteolin's empirical formula was determined by the Austrian chemists Heinrich Hlasiwetz and Leopold Pfaundler in 1864.[5][6] In 1896, the English chemist Arthur George Perkin proposed the correct structure for luteolin.[7] Perkin's proposed structure for luteolin was confirmed in 1900 when the Polish-Swiss chemist Stanislaw Kostanecki (1860–1910) and his students A. Różycki and J. Tambor synthesized luteolin.[8][9]» (wikipedia)

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