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«Dutasteride, sold under the brand name Avodart among others, is a medication primarily used to treat the symptoms of an enlarged prostate.[4][5] A few months may be required before benefits occur.[5] It is also used for scalp hair loss in men and as a part of hormone therapy in transgender women.[6][7] It is taken by mouth.[4][8]

Common side effects include sexual problems, breast tenderness, and breast enlargement.[4] Other side effects include an increased risked of certain forms of prostate cancer, depression, and angioedema.[4][5] Exposure during pregnancy, including use by the partner of a pregnant women may result in harm to the baby.[4][5] Dutasteride is a 5α-reductase inhibitor, and hence is a type of antiandrogen.[3] It works by decreasing the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), an androgensex hormone.[9][4]

Dutasteride was patented in 1993 by GlaxoSmithKline and was approved for medical use in 2001.[10][4] It is available as a generic medication.[5] A month supply in the United Kingdom costs the NHS about £12 as of 2019.[5] In the United States, the wholesale cost of this amount is about $6.66.[11] In 2016, it was the 274th most prescribed medication in the United States with more than a million prescriptions.[12]» (wikipedia)

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