Anti-inflammatory metabolites formed from AA such as LXA4, resolvins, protectins and maresins enhance production of NO, CO, H2S; suppress NF-kB expression and alter mTOR expression and thus, may aid in delaying ageing process. Dietary restriction and exercise enhance AA metabolism to form LXA4, resolvins, protectins and maresins that have anti-inflammatory actions. AA and their metabolites also influence stem cell biology, enhance neurogenesis to improve memory and augment autophagy to prolong life span. Thus, AA and other PUFA and their anti-inflammatory metabolites inhibit inflammation, augment stem cell proliferation, restore to normal lipid-derived signaling molecules and NO and H2S production, enhance autophagy and prolong life span.

Insider BiohackerPRO ranked added it 2 years ago on Jul 26, 2018