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connecting health evidences
BioMindmap provides essence of researches — biolinks. Biolink is a logical relation between two objects (drugs, symptoms) which contains reference to all evidences — proof-links, citations and research meta-data. Based on meta, the ValidityScore hints the quality of evidence. Crowd-validation of biolinks double-checks alive database.
Biolink page — is the one place on the internet for gathering the body of evidence. Connected with others.
Organising medical knowledge is time-consuming. Save time on reading PubMed, comprehending and fact-checking. No more clutter — organize and consume notes as digital paths interlinked with existing knowledge. Low cost and high value educational platform that gives an additive way to learn, visualise, organize and distribute knowledge. Made with love and science.
Researcher or a student reads publication and extracts biolink, which becomes available to everyone.
Doctor or a patient gets Proofs, Summaries, Pathways, Mindmaps, Graph of Promoters or Inhibitors etc..


Getting «Pathways that promote Lifespan»
Extracting «Caffeine prevents Stroke» biolink from PubMed
Functionality Overview to quickly familiarize with the service.

Biolink Structure

Biolink is a simple connection between two objects, with poofs links, and a score of its validity.
Type of interaction (verb «lowers» of predicate) is automatically detected (as an Inhibitor). Icons on the right are direct proof-links. Some may have «IF Condition» — so biolink is valid only if condition passes. Obvious biolinks are increasing objects connectivity.


Hover the score with a mouse for calculation details provided by our automated expert system. Meta-analysis and Reviews from good sources give high scores. Max score is 9.9. And it is highly decreased by negative votes and flags.

Mission — a tool for insights and connectivity

Our mission is to provide one place for everyting and ensure a researcher can conveniently store and share findings, instantly integrate his bits of knowledge with the public database and get crowd-validated. Improved readability — less noise, more focus!
  • Clean and Dense UI
  • Convenient biolinks storage
  • Interactive education that stimulates insights
  • Swarm-Intelligence database maintenance
  • Prove your point on the internet with single alive biolink url


Researchers. Students. Doctors. Philanthropists. Patients. Biohackers. Athletes. Nutritionists.


Pathfinding. Object's Biolinks Summary. Mindmaps Builder. Multi-Biolinks Path Page. Mindmap Screenshots for Presentations. Finding and Listing Biolinks by PubMed URL (example). Mindmap by PubMed URL (example). Crowd-validation Signals as Votes and Flags. Human-readable Predicate Verb Type Detection. Weighted Knowledge by Automated ValidityScore Expert System. Biolink Completeness Checklist. Clear Research Evidence Class, Year, Organism. Enriched Sharing (one biolink page for everything). User Reputation Ranks. Gamification (Experience and Levels). ReQuests to research specific Object. Trusted Users and Users Specialisation Validation. Pre-moderation Queue and Biolink Proposals. Edits Approval. Edits History. Edits Notifications. Subnodes (for objects grouping). Calculators. Object Types. Object Synonyms and Autocompletion. Parallel Biolinks warning (example). Transit Biolinks (that go into and go out of current Biolink to give extra context). (example). Quick Google, Images, and other single click search options. Quiz. Stats and User Impact indices. Lists (Favourites, Tracked, My Medkit, My Symptoms, My Goals). Color-coding and Pictograms. Smart Keywords Highlighting (example). Biolinks JSON Import. API. Planned Chrome Plugin to list Biolinks of current web page.


Use «Demo» button, which conveniently lists and explains functions in human-readable manner. Share with colleagues.
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