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Medical knowledge is tough to organise and overwhelming. We made a relationships establishment software. Now, for any drug or symptom, you can add or find connections — biolinks. Which are confirmed by referencing actual studies. It is a public pre-processed crowd-validated essence.
BioMindmap is the best place on the internet to prove a medical statement. Statement’s page — is the starting point to gather whole it's evidence base.
BioMindmap is a collaborative knowledge manager for researchers, doctors and health consumers. For you. Useful while looking for own symptoms or showing proofs to your doctor. Crowd-validation makes knowledge alive,
Do you read PubMed and make text notes? No more clutter — organize notes as digital paths! Interlinked with existing knowledge they compose mindmaps. Save time on reading, researching or recalling facts.
Low cost / High value education platform that gives an additive way to learn, visualise, organize and distribute knowledge. Made with love and science.


Read a good research. Add an essence as a biolink statement. Visualise as a path or a mindmap.
BioMindmap let's you organise such statements, evaluate, integrate with others, be reviewed, get news and insights.

Videos that show off ease of use

Pathways that promote A → B → C → X → Lifespan
«Caffeine prevents Stroke» Biolink fom PubMed article.
Functionality Overview to quickly familiarize with the service.

Biolink is a statement

An essence of the research. A logical relation between drugs, symptoms, etc.. A part of pathways. Easy to organize, understand and visualize. Now researches become Mindmaps of biolinks.
Page of the Biolink — is the best place in the internet to gather body of evidence for specific statement.

Biolink Structure

Biolink is a simple connection between two objects, with poofs links, and a score of its validity.
The verb of the biolink («lowers») is automatically typed (as an Inhibitor). Chain icons on the right are direct proof-links. Some may have «IF Condition» — so biolink is valid only if condition passes. Obvious biolinks are increasing objects connectivity.
ValidityScore 9.3 is calculated by our automated expert system. Evidence quality can max it out to 9.9. Hover for details.

Try searching

Now enter a symptom of your interest, a disease or a drug.
Searching by PubMed URL
will find biolinks we logged about it. Demo list of URL biolinks and Demo Mindmap by URL.

«Do something» button

Every object in BioMindmap has this button that lists all the available functions in explicit human-readable manner.
Demonstrate BioMindmap to your friend or a doctor in an easy way.

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