Quick Start Guide


  1. Register and Login
  2. chrome_reader_mode Read a related Research — search Google the topic of interest at respected sources (i.e. ncbi).
  3. remove_red_eye Look for its essence — signaling pathways or valuable connections between chemicals, supplements or symptoms.
  4. Add it as a BioLink
  5. See it integrated into the BioLinks Database.
  6. Visualise it as a Mindmap

Usage Video Examples

See this 8 minutes short video, to have introduction to all features without any efforts.

Usage Overview (English)

Basic Usage (Russian)

Advanced Example (Russian)

What is BioLink?

BioLink is a relation between two Nodes.

Something affects something.

«Node1 affects Node2». Nodes are drawn on Mindmap as data points. Their relation is drawn as an arrow.

BioLink = Node1 + relation + Node2 + Proofs of course!


Adding BioLink

If you add a new Node, you may write its Abbreviation and a Full Name in parentheses. Examples:
  • ADH (Antidiuretic Hormone)
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)
  • AMPK (Adenosine Monophosphate-Activated Protein Kinase)
Later you may use any of the names or aliases. Note: for words without spaces, having parentheses will not trigger this functionality. For example, 25(OH)D3 will be treated as a single word name. Add linkSource URL — this is the main goal of this Service.
A Source could even mean a page number of the book.
«Use quotes for citations!»

Add proof-links!

vertical_align_bottom Wow! Pasting NCBI url makes its text/title/year/author automatically filled in for you.
Wow! You can filter biolinks and map by a URL. See, BioLinks of an article from selfhacked.

PubMed/NCBI Sources are a Good Proof!

search Google the article by title with added word "ncbi".
thumb_up Good BioLinks give ×5 extra experience.


thumb_up You get Experience when you add Good BioLinks. +64 exp
star By getting experienced you Level Up, get a Rank and a Star in your profile.
star_outline Level tells others how much influence you made; and quality of your BioLinks.

Press <TAB> from field for Quick Search

At the Add screen look right! Pressing <TAB> from Node input fields, will list all existing BioLinks: If you add same BioLink, but with different note/proofs, they will be merged! Easy!


The Search field can accept Node names or Source URLs.
thumb_up See FAQ how to make Google Chrome quick-search, by typing b in the address bar, and then a node or url. Wow!


Now, if you made enough of BioLinks, you may see a them from the eagle-eye view.

On the same big Map, you see BioLinks added by other community members.

Map Shortcuts:
Alt+DoubleClick opens map.
DoubleClick opens details.

H hides Node.

L toggles Loops/Loose Edges.

S toggles Secondary Edges (non proteins/metabolites).

security Access Rights

To add BioLinks, you need to be approved by an admin. See personProfile for details. Initially can only Propose BioLink. It is enough for anyone, unless you want to add proper BioLinks. Moderators going to check everything anyway, so it is safe.

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