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What's BioMindmap?

Collaborative Knowledge Manager
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Knowledge Management Service to crowd-research, validate and visualize evidence-based findings. Researches become Mindmaps of Biolinks — logical relations between chemicals, processes, drugs, symptoms, etc.


Our mission is to ensure a researcher can conveniently store and share findings, instantly integrate his bits of knowledge with the public database and get crowd-validated. Dataset representation is time-efficient, relevant and beautifully visualized. One place for everything.


  • Helpful tool
  • New insights
  • Collaborative knowledge
  • Wide-spreading of science
We want science and health be more accessible to broader masses; increasing chances for breakthroughs.

Tired of too much of information all around?

When you research a medical topic, you make notes. Evernote,, pdf files. Is it structured? Even with good memory, you still google. And get plain text.

Solution = Collaboration + visualization

  • collectively aggregate essence from researches — Biolinks.
  • simplify logical format for Biolink: «Something Affects Something».
  • make convenient interface for storing Biolinks and their proof-links.
  • visualize logical relations on easy to use MindMap.

Highlights of Features

Logical Model of Biolinks

  • Structured Storage. Simple interface.
  • No scattered notes and spreadsheets.

visualization is the key!

Time-efficient, automated, customisable.
  • Clean UI — Less reading noise. Focus on the knowledge. Friendly Learning Curve.
  • Graph Pathfinding algorithms
  • Presentation-ready — providing you slides.
  • Mindmap by Research URL (if it is in the DB)
  • Interaction with objects within context improves memory.
  • Readability — Highlighted keywords. Automated cross-links. No long articles.
Users already added 9384 Biolinks into Database so far.


  • Crowd-researching — aggregate bits of knowledge from everyone.
  • Crowd-validation — get insight on what others think of the Research.
  • Alive Mindmap — updated daily unlike static images of diagrams.
  • Opinions Exchange — Flag controversies and Vote for Biolink Validity.
  • Enriched Sharing — your colleagues will get everything on one page.
  • Weighted Knowledge — Biolink ValidityScore, Completeness Checklist, Research Evidence Class, User Reputation Ranks.
Last Biolink was added 4 days ago. Last Biolink flagged: 6 days ago.

Gamification — on the duty of Validity

  • Incentives — Adding or refining Biolinks earns Credits. Fund Quests!
  • Quests are rewarding users for adding Biolinks of your Interest.
  • User Levels and Experience — person gets more points for better proofs, citations, and extra meta-data.
  • Biolink ValidityScore 6.7 — A Scorecard algorithm that weighs Votes of Users by their Reputation Rank.
  • Data for Other Projects! — We made a Biolinks-based demo game «Who Wants to be a Millionaire?» — where players can disagree with the game’s answers and flag the Biolink. Improving DB by playing.
  • Crowd-validation — Edits Approvals. Newcomers can only propose to Moderation Queue. User Access Levels. But even trusted top-ranked users will be peer-reviewed by the user community.
  • Trusted Users — validation by an admin gives extra Reputation Ranks for experienced participants.
  • Proposals Queue — even new user can propose Biolinks for pre-moderation.
  • Write Access — previous reputation or good proposals give you rights to add and edit database.

Whom could you be?

  • ResearcherShare and organize scientific findings and clues with a society to promote health and science. Scientific articles can give you clues what affects what. Use this collaborative tool to easily submit and aggregate correlations. See your article's essence at glance in a form of Mindmap.
  • LearnerStudy the biochemical pathways and see bigger overall picture in a blink of an eye.
  • PhilanthropistAffect global Education and Health levels with charity involvement. We need you.
  • PatientHelp your doctor with ideas to find a modern vector of interventions for your disease.
  • DoctorExplain your patient his problems at a detailed or bird's-eye view level.
  • Biohacker — Get health-related insights and be the first one to find something unknown to the public.
Perfect for people who are hungry to learn or eager to share.


Contact us if you want to import a spreadsheet or other structured data in bulk.

Interaction improves memory

You research. You structure the data. You type it in. You see visual feedback. You move items. You go learn deeper. You get more insights. The more you interact with the data in a clean visual way, the better you understand it.

As an example of «Interact & Learn» concept, we made a game Who want's to be a biohacker-millionaire? It is based on randomly selected Biolinks from our database. Purely automated!

Planned Features

(Not yet listed, but we have a lot of interesting and deep ideas.)

Ideal future

  • Service tracks every useful biochemical interaction within a human body.
  • All the important Biolinks are proven with Class A/B researches.
  • Extensive database of drugs and proteins interactions with convenient visualization.
  • Supplemental recommendations based on your health symptoms/requirements.

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